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Spiritual Gifts Links


All of us are given spiritual gifts to use for the common good. We are each called to discover our gifts and then exercise them. There are two ways to continue to explore your gifts on our website.

  • Clink the link Spiritual Gifts document and spend time reflecting on the gifts listed and your own personal traits.
  • Visit the United Methodist Church Spiritual Gifts web site.
  • Visit Eleven Talents / Gifts and take the Talent Inventory found on the ElevenTalents website. There is an inventory for both youth and adults. This is a free service.
    (Note about the Eleven Talents web site: There are two "Adult Test" links on the webpage. Use the "Adult Test" tab at the top of the webpage right under the Eleven Talents wording. This provides 96 questions to determine your range of Spiritual Gifts. The "Adult Test" link at the right side of the webpage is a link that allows us to download the Adult Test to our website. )

Then, start using your gifts more fully for God!