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These Storied Walls


Mt. Olivet M. E. Church, South


W. N. Barnhardt
R. A. Caldwell
W. N. Cline
J. G. Comer
A. C.. Dayvault
J. W. Dayvault
L. W. Earnhardt
H. L. Fink
J. A. Fink
W. A. Fink
J. A. Furr
D. C. Furr
C. J. Goodman
H. J. Goodman
J. A. Goodman
J. I. Goodman
R. D. Goodman
E. R. Lackey
D. L. Litaker
T. J. Litaker
W. M. Patterson
J. W. Penninger
H. A. Scott
J. A. Scott
G. A. Shinn
B. L. Umberger
A. W. Winecoff
E. J. Winecoff
G. R. Winecoff
J. N. Winecoff
M. H. Winecoff

No further written records of the Concord Circuit are available until the Quarterly Conference Meeting on 2 December 1934. By that time, the Circuit had been reduced to three churches: Mt. Olivet, Mt. Carmel, and Rocky Ridge. Rev. J. N. Randall, who served the Circuit and Mt. Olivet Church for an unprecedented six years, was leading the three congregations. During 1935, the Stewards at each church adopted a plan for financing the work of the church. At Olivet, the plan called for weekly offerings to help with the preacher's salary, with collections being taken by the Sunday School classes for benevolences. During that year, the Mt. Olivet Trustees were given permission to swap a small piece of land with the B. L. Umberger Estate to straighten the property lines. Mt. Olivet had added Sunday School rooms and the Circuit was advised that there was a special effort to pay off the debt: "(W)e have the money in sight for all except about a hundred and fifty dollars ($150) which we are almost sure will be taken care of by the time the note is due. If we raise this amount it will mean that twenty two hundred ($2200) will have been paid within the two years."

An active Board of Christian Education was in place at Mt. Olivet, composed of C. H. Stewart, Miss Kathleen Stewart, Joe Winecoff, Fred Goodman, Mrs. Sam Cook, and Mrs. H. A. Scott. H. A. Scott was Sunday School Superintendent, assisted by Mrs. Fred Goodman, Mrs. A. C. Dayvault, and Miss Roxie Fink. Reverend Randall noted that the work of the church had continued in spite of an Infantile Paralysis quarantine during the fall of that year. Mrs. W. S. Wellborn reported to the 20 September 1936 Quarterly Conference held at Mt. Olivet that the Women’s Missionary Society of Mt. Olivet had 2 circles and two scholarships: “Olive Fink paid by the circle and the Henderson Winecoff paid by Mrs. C. J. Goodman and Mrs. Ida Winecoff Stamey."

Parsonage-old In 1937, the Mt. Olivet congregation felt it could support a minister on a full-time basis. The Conference agreed and a Building Committee for Mt. Olivet Parsonage was elected at the 4 April 1937, meeting: R. A. Caldwell, H. L. Fink, B. F. Waddell, C. W. Murph, and R. D. Goodman. By the 19 September 1937 Quarterly Conference, Reverend Randall was able to report that the "new parsonage at Mt. Olivet is completed and we have been living in it for the past ten days. The one for Mt. Carmel and Rocky Ridge will be started, I think, the first of the week and will be completed by Conference."
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