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These Storied Walls

The Station Church

At the church conference on 21 November 1937, Reverend Randall reported that Mt. Olivet had its largest membership ever and all the Sunday School rooms were filled, with one class meeting in the hall back of the auditorium and another meeting in the auditorium. Interest in the Young People's meetings was increasing, and a third circle had been organized, which Rev. Randall described as a group of "young girls who are interested and eager."

The church lost two of its mainstays in 1937. Wilborn A. Fink died on 14 October 1937. Reverend Randall wrote of him: "For nearly 64 years he had lived among his friends here, and was loved and respected by all who knew him. He had been a faithful member of Mt. Olivet Methodist Church since young manhood. He was an honored member of the Board of Stewards and of the Board of Trustees in which capacity he served for 30 years . . .. He was faithful to the obligations and responsibilities that were given to him by the church, but our faith in God's word and our knowledge of his life leads us to believe that he had joined the church Triumphant." When John A. Scott died on 14 November 1937, at his home, the Board of Stewards and the Pastor wrote that he was a steward in Mt. Olivet Methodist Church for a long time, and was treasurer of the church for forty two years. The fact that during those years he never allowed his church to come behind with its finances except once and then making that up shows us how faithful he was to his work. He was also Trustee of the church property for many years and was for a long time District Steward. He was always ready to give his best to any task his church called him to perform."

Despite a measles epidemic during the first part of 1938, Reverend Randall reported that 35 new members had been received by the June Conference, 21 by profession of faith and 14 by letter. The Young People's Division continued to grow, "not only carrying on the usual services but having had several extra services such as retreats, outdoor services and a banquet." For the first time, there is a written record of a two-week Daily Vacation Bible School. Four young people were away at college: Dorothy Cline and Miriam Randall were at Brevard College, Leroy Scott was attending Duke University, and Victor Goodman was studying at State College. The Sunday School, with 358 members - including 19 teachers and officers - averaged an attendance of 182 scholars each Sunday. There was an active Epworth League in the Young People's Division. Mrs. A. C. Dayvault, President of the Woman's Missionary Society, reported a membership of 83 with $185.00 sent to the Conference Treasurer.

Rev. Randall returned for a sixth year in 1938-39. The church budgeted $1,800.00 for his salary, $150.00 for Rev. C. N. Clark, Presiding Elder, and assumed the entire $600.00 apportioned by the District Stewards for General and Conference Work. The Young People's Division, led by Miss Kathleen Stewart, numbered by that time almost 100 members and continued to grow, meeting at both the morning and evening Sunday services.

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