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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


What Sunday church services are held at Mt. Olivet?
8:45 Informal Service in the Fellowship Hall
11:00 Traditional Service in the Sanctuary

What should I expect at the 8:45 service?
We have light refreshments available. This is a casual, informal teaching service. Jeans and shorts are welcome. The music includes songs you heard on the radio this week as well as familiar hymns.

What should I expect at the 11:00 service?
This is a traditional service. Dress and casual clothing are common.

Is there a nursery available for my children?
Yes, there is a nursery for both services.

What are the qualifications of your nursery workers?
Our head nursery worker is CPR certified. National criminal background checks are performed on paid and volunteer nursery staff. There is a sign-in procedure.

Do you have Sunday School?
Yes, we have Sunday school for all ages from 9:45 to 10:45.

What other events are held weekly at the church?
Our weekly events include scouts, musical practices, Bible studies, youth meetings and Overeaters Anonymous to name a few. Check out our pages on events.

What do I have to know about God or the Bible to come?
We are all at different stages in our spiritual growth. You may be seeking to learn and have no knowledge, or you may be a lifelong believer.

How to I get to the church?
Take a look here for a map and directions.

Will I feel welcome when I come?
We certainly hope so!