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Early Service Worship Team


The Early Service Worship Team is currently made up of the following individuals that contribute to the ministry of Mt. Olivet:

Donna Earnhardt (music, leading worship and music)
Jennifer Deese (music, leading worship and music)
Jim Foster (refreshments, welcoming, sound technician)
Lonnie Coggins (multimedia)
Rocio Ramirez (music)
Ryan Sims (music)
Willie Foster (refreshments and welcoming, music)

Jennifer and DonnaOur music ranges from traditional hymns (with piano or guitar accompaniment) to contemporary Christian music for praise and worship.  

We meet on Wednesday evenings at 7:15 in Memorial Hall to practice and prepare for the upcoming service each Sunday.  We welcome the participation of any church members who would like to join in this ministry.  Please let Pastor Brenda or one of the team above know if you are interested and would like to become a part of the group!